Chemical Free, Ecological, Economical Solutions

Algae Control- Pond Health & Clarity

The Challenge:

Maintaining a balanced and healthy  lake or pond environment is an ongoing challenge for lake/pond managers especially when having to develop a strategy to combat harmful algae.  Often lake/pond managers will resort to chemical treatment that can jeopardize the lake and its inhabitants.  

The Strategy:

The Eco Lake mission is to return our water bodies to their healthy natural state. To achieve this goal we take a three-pronged approach: First we perform an analysis of lake water chemistry; second, based on the analysis results, we design a combination of ecological strategies to bring the lake back to health. Within months of installation, clients can expect to see the lake turn around. The water will be clearer, the dissolved oxygen will be higher and the nutrients that cause the algae blooms will be reduced. Finally Eco Lake services continue to maintain the ecological system to keep the lake in in balance using a chemical free strategy.

Our goal is to keep your lake free of harmful blooms using economical and environmental tools. The Eco Lake Solution produces clearer, better smelling water and improved wildlife habitat.

The natural solution is the obvious solution.